Historic Places

The Historic Places Trust has compiled a combination of lists and maps for registered places on the Chatham Islands-including Pitt Island, and the recorded archaeological sites.

These include:
  1. 1. Information on Registered Historic Places
    - Registered sites in the Chatham Islands DC district. It includes one registration proposal (Te Ana o Nunuku) and one nomination (Ohinemama).

The current confirmed registrations are these ten sites - click on the links for more detail, include a photograph(s), on each of the registered sites:

  1. 2. Archaeological Recorded sites
    - A basic list is provided of archaeological sites. Click here to download.

Registered Historic Places - Chatham IslandsRegistered Archeological Sites - Chatham IslandsRegistered Historic Places - Pitt IslandRegistered Archeological Sites - Pitt Island

For more information, the Iwi Trust is happy to follow up on any requests you may make in relation to the attachments from the Historic Places Trust.

Feel free to contact us.