Overview of Strategic Direction

A Focused and Disciplined Pathway Forward

Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri Tikanga
To promote and preserve the identity, mana, Tino Rangatiratanga, culture and heritage of Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri.

Represent the Iwi Manage the Assets Distribute Benefits
 To represent the collective interest of Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri To hold and manage the assets of the Trust as Kaitiaki of Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri for the benefit of all members, via the Asset Holding Company (AHC)  To distribute benefits directly or indirectly to Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri members

Key Highlights

  • Implementation of an annual distribution ( grant) mechanism for Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri members.
  • Whanaungatanga fund – A contestable fund allocated on an annual basis for the purposes of encouraging iwi connectness and cultural activities.
  • An enhanced registration process and interactive communications with Iwi members.
  • Achieve Treaty of Waitangi Settlement.
  • Grow inshore quota holdings to strengthen the iwi fishing industry, with $3.5m projected to be reinvested over the next 3 years. Develop joint ventures  that increase the effectiveness and autonomy of the Chatham Islands fishing industry.
  • Reduce overheads and implement a disciplined reinvestment / distribution policy of 40% reinvested and 60% distributed.
  • No debt on 100% owned assets.
  • Develop and implement a papakainga housing solution on iwi owned land.

Allocation of AHC Net Surplus

Prioritised Implementation

Asset Management
Benefit Distribution
Year 1
Robust registration and communication processes in place  Develop detailed Investment and Seafood strategy
Reduce overheads and increase asset reinvestment.
Whanaungatanga Fund operational 
Year 2
Develop Marae Plan and progress Treaty of Waitangi Settlement  Seafood Strategy operational  Member distribution mechanisms finalised 
Year 3
 Treaty of Waitangi Settlement executed Other commercial, e.g tourism and infrastructure, strategies operational  Member distribution mechanisms 
operational subject to receipt of Treaty Settlement